Johtaminen Mediabisnes Tulevaisuus

Sanomalehtien menestys on niiden omissa käsissä


Gary Pruitt, CEO ja chairman, McClatchy-mediayhtiössä, joka julkaisee 30 sanomalehteä ja niiden verkkopalveluja, ei valita vaan puhui kollegoilleen fiksuja NAA:n (Newspaper Association of America) konfrenssissa, jossa Googlen Eric Schmidt kävi myös puhumassa. Tässä valittuja paloja Pruittin puheesta (via followthemedia.com) – lihavoinnit ovat minun:

Absolutely we’ve got a future. But just what does it look like and how do we hurry up and get there? Alan Kay, the visionary computer scientist, once said, “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” That’s where we are today. It’s up to us to invent that future. There is no silver bullet. There are no easy answers. And, sadly, as we have seen already, not every newspaper will make it.

… newspapers alone are not enough. Our future depends on becoming successful hybrid media companies – fully engaged and vested in digital publishing and digital platforms as we have been historically with print.

We need to establish our brands and offer our services on many different platforms. We need to leverage social media, mobile technology and the web’s interactivity as our communities and customers change how they acquire and share information.

The same technology that challenges us on the revenue side offers savings on the expense side through centralization, collaboration and outsourcing. We must continue to shed those legacy, 20th century, monopoly cost structures that weigh us down, limit our flexibility, jeopardize our health. Think of the newspaper company of the future as an athlete – lean, fit and trim, yet muscular where we need to be.

While we’ve done a good job growing audience, we need to do a better job of leveraging our sales forces. We must empower our sales staffs to sell our full portfolio of print and digital products – giving them the right tools, training and incentives. Also, think of the possibilities of harnessing that large, local sales staff to sell on behalf of others and share revenues. The untapped potential of local digital advertising in each of our markets is why internet giants like Yahoo and Google seek partnerships with newspapers. We need to mine that local digital revenue stream. We can’t afford to fumble the opportunity.

Lastly, we need to accept the reality that we’re in a tougher, more competitive business, now and forever. Ours is a business that’s still viable and vital – just with a smaller margin for profits and a smaller margin for error. Let’s appreciate how lucky we are to work in the media business in this critical time of transition. Our actions count. No unbearable lightness of being here. The ball is in our hands and the game is on the line.