Mediapomot uskovat hybridiin median bisnesmallina – luottamus mikromaksuihin vähentynyt rajusti

by Matti Lintulahti on 03/02/2010

Media’s next top business model: survey suggests hybrids

In a recent survey (pdf), the consulting firm Accenture asked 102 content-industry leaders to pick the biggest hurdle they face. Overwhelmingly, executives pointed to the hunt for a viable business model. And since they’ve asked the same question (sort of — see below) for three years, we can look at how execs’ thoughts have shifted over time.

First, the data shows a clear decline in what Accenture calls the “pay-for-play” concept — something like what we in the news context would term micropayments or “the iTunes model.” In 2007, 23 percent of respondents were banking on micropayments as the next top business model. In 2008, that number dropped to 11 percent. In 2009, it fell to just 8 percent.

But beyond that, the changing nature of the options Accenture gave respondents muddies the waters a bit. In 2009, the survey included two new options: “freemium” (some content remains free, users can pay for extra content) and “hybrid” (a combination of different models, like ads plus a subscription). One could easily argue that freemium is a type of hybrid, and for the chart above, Accenture chose to combine the hybrid responses with advertising ones. (The 60 percent you see above is actually 39 percent advertising, 21 percent hybrid.)

Tämä tutkimus osoittaa muuta kuin mitä maksullisiin sisältöihin ja mikromaksuihin nojaavat julkiset puheet antavat osoittaa. Yhä harvempi mediapomo maksullisen sisällön ja mikromaksamisen olevan toimiva median bisnesmalli. Sen sijaan luottamus hybridiin, monen bisnesmallin yhdistelmään on noussut merkittävästi.

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